Wendy L. Jackson

Wendy is a visual artist and enjoys creating from her heart because that is where her truest and deepest feelings reside. Art allows her to express her feelings about things around us that make us who we are.
"1 like bringing joy to people because life can be very challenging at times." It is amazing how a blank canvas can be transformed into a creative work that gives life and brightens someone's day or room."
Color is a very integral part of our lives. It symbolizes calmness in our minds, spirits, and souls. It sets the tone for our feelings, culture, tradition, and religion. It also brings harmony that is pleasing to our eyes. It is the universal language of conversation as it brings joy, laughter, sadness, and most of all peace.
While Wendy has taken a few art workshops, she is a self-taught artist and loves using palette knives, brushes, hand movement and other objects to create wonderful original designs. Her artwork consists of bright colors and non-traditional color combinations to tell the story of our lives.
"So as I paint for you, live your life in full color."
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